Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sewing frenzy!

After my three mile walk this morning I gathered up dark blue, light blue and white 1 1/2 inch strips to make a log cabin baby quilt for my son's teacher. She's due May 1st so I need to make it snappy! She told my son she is decorating her room in chocolate brown with dark blue, light blue and white stars. I don't really have any brown in the quilt. Maybe I can go shopping for the back. My goal is to use up my stash, though. I only want to buy tools and thread right now.

Oh well. Maybe just a yard and a half. It's for the baby, after all! I hope to work on it tomorrow, too and post a pic. So far I have half the blocks almost done. There are going to be 16 blocks total.

For you American Idol fans, HOW SAD are you?!!! I just love Michael Johns. I didn't vote on Tuesday so I blame myself (like I would have made a difference).

Off to finish the first half of my log cabin blocks.

Peaceful piecing! Jenni

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