Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Log Cabin Quilt DONE!

I finished the baby log cabin quilt and sewed the binding on while visiting with my parents.  My youngest son and I gave it to his teacher yesterday and she was thrilled with it.  She asked me an interesting question, "How do you know how to do this?".  I could only answer that it is my hobby and obsession.  As soon as I decided I wanted to make a quilt, 9 years ago, I started learning, obsessing and collecting.  Anyway, I washed the quilt and it was all puckery and soft and I'm very pleased with the results.

Here is some quilting detail and the back of the quilt, which is flannel, before I sewed the signature square on.

While in South Bend we went to the "Blue and Gold" spring football game at Notre Dame. Older son was very happy about that and got "the shirt" to wear.  99% of his friends and classmates are Ohio State Buckeye fans and he enjoys parading his "Irish" fan-ness whenever he can.  Anyway, "the shirt" is an interesting fundraising effort for Notre Dame students and I'm sure we will be looking for next year's shirt to add to his collection.

The prom dress I'm altering for my dd's friend is almost done. I'm rehemming the front so she doesn't step on it.  The poor kid lost more weight after I altered it so it had to be adjusted again.  We're hoping she will be healthy enough to make it to the prom.  At least the beading part is done and I can readjust it more easily now.

Time to watch "American Idol" soon while I work on clue two of the OC quilt.  I have one, count it ONE of the 142 squares done.  I had to do that one so I could say I was working on it!

Say a prayer of good health for dd's friend and enjoy your evening.

Piecefully yours, Jenni


Candace said...

Your "Baby Log Cabin" is beautiful, I quilt, and I almost feel like echoing the teacher's sentiment. I will say a prayer for your daughter's friend.

Shirley said...

Very nice. You will learn to love FMQ. At least I do.

Margeeth said...

This is very beautifull. Quite impressive that you could make such a beautifull color combination entirely from stash.

Colorfuldayz said...

This turned out beautifully ... and you are fast!! That baby would be in college by the time I got a real quilt done!!

Donna said...

Your Baby Log Cabin is beautiful. I think log cabin is about my favorite pattern but oddly enough I have not made one yet. Oh, so many little time!! You talk about obsession. I have that disease also!!