Thursday, April 3, 2008

Orange Crush progress

I foolishly thought I could finish step one of the Orange Crush quilt yesterday! The dog, kids, phone and laundry had other plans for me. I did get all my "two patches" done and one set of ten four-patches. I feel pretty good about it because I can slip up to my sewing area to sew up a few at a time. I'm really having a hard time with the totally scrappy thing. I know that if I obsess too much the quilt will never get made. If it turns out to be hideous I'll either hide it under one of the many other projects that need to be quilted or let the dog have a quilt of her very own. Then she can quit sleeping on the piles of dirty laundry! The piles are so big it must be cozy. Pathetic, isn't it?!!

I have lots and lots of work to do on the fundraiser I'm working on for our local hospice. They put on a huge variety show each year and have a cash raffle to help make money. I'm in charge of the raffle. We sell up to 400 tickets with the chance for the winner to take home $20,000 and the other half of the money goes to hospice to help people that can't afford to pay. Great cause, lots of work updating my database and printing the tickets. The show is Saturday, so I better get busy and quit playing with my fabric!

On the exercise front, I've done a minimum of 30 minutes each day this week. Time to get off my hiney and go for a walk. Maybe I'll make the dog get off her laundry pile so she can go with me.


Carolyn said...

i am having a hard time visualizing scrappy fourpatches with the intense colors i picked for this far my fourpatches are....ummm...matchy matchy.....but we are having fun...yah?

Colorfuldayz said...

Hope it was a great walk ... and congrats on the weight loss this past year. Really amazing and something to be proud of!!