Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Procrastination Station

Here are some pictures of the chunky pages I sent Katxena in our craftster chunky page swap.  I paperpieced the little quilt square and went with a "zetti" theme for the rest.  On the back I machine stitched the words "When life gives you scraps, make quilts".  Katxena is a fellow quilter and follower of Bonnie's scrap system so I thought it was appropriate. You can see what she sent me here.

I'm here blogging because I'm avoiding what I really need to be doing.  
  1. Quilt the baby log cabin.  Once again I freeze and can't decide what to do and then freak that it won't look good.  Anybody have a good swift kick they can send my way?!
  2. Alter a beaded, red silk prom dress for my daughter's bff.  She is a very sick girl and has lost 15 pounds since she bought it.  She's all of about 105 pounds now.  I'm afraid to ruin a $400 dress.  I'll get over it, there's still 2 weeks until prom.  Adrenline in the form of PANIC will kick in soon.
  3. Chunky page for a Craftster swap for MY bff, my college roomie.  Rackycoo is an awesome artist, heck she majored in art.  This lil' ol' elementary ed major is STUCK on ideas.  It has to be fab.  I still have over a week.
  4. Another chunky page for alteredmommy for a book she is raffling off.  She's another awesome craftster that has a very inspiring story.  The theme is "hope" and I have drawn my design.  This isn't due until May and is what I really WANT to make, but am not letting myself until I get the above three done.  Pooh.  Life.  
Of course there's always laundry, dinner, cleaning, walking, doing that exercise thing.  I'm probably going on a 2 hour bike ride with hubby and oldest son tonight so I'll call that my moving for today.  They are intense cyclists.  I'm not.  I like to cruise through life and look at the scenery instead of see how hard and fast I can go.  At least it would be something to do while avoiding the above!

I am trying to force myself NOT to look obsessively for the next orange crush clue.  I'm not even close to being successful, but trying.

On the home front, my poor daughter was sick all weekend and the last two days with walking pneumonia.  She went back to school today but is extremely tired.  We were planning to head to South Bend to visit my parents this weekend.  I need to check with the doctor to see if she is contagious after being on antibiotics.  Poor kid.  Hope she feels better for the prom!!  She's supposed to take her final test to get certified for lifeguarding tonight.  I'm not real excited about her getting in the water or trying to do this with pneumonia.  

Youngest son had a 5th grade band concert last night.  Very amusing.  It was a really strange crowd with lots of hooting and hollering at the kids as they went on stage and performed.  My mother, the ex-music teacher, would DIE if she witnessed that.  She always taught me that concerts were a formal, dignified event.  Not that one!!

I'm off to find some other means of avoiding the quilt and the dress.  Heck, maybe I'll just jump in and do it.  Piece out!  Jenni

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