Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby log cabin progress!

Here are the strips I gathered and cut for the baby quilt I'm making. It will be dark blue, bright blue, white (ish) and light blue. I got lucky because a friend that was moving gave me a HUGE tub of her scrap and unwanted fabric. There were lots of strips already cut in the bin which I immediately sorted in Bonnie's method. Between her fabrics and mine it will be nice and scrappy but stlll look good. 

Last night, after THE most disappointing American Idol ever, I finished the star points, which I think will be the hardest because I had to think as I did it. I tried to use the brighter blue between the star points and the dark along the edges to give it a "starburst" effect. I plan to do all dark blue squares in the corners and all light blue squares in the center. 
What do you think so far?

I'm pleased. I'm off to sew for an hour on it. I'm trying to fit in one hour of exercise and one hour of sewing everyday. The two things that keep me fit and sane! I got up early to do the three mile portion of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds. If I get some more squares done I will hopefully be able to post more tomorrow. My oldest daughter is coming home today for the weekend and I'm hoping to get through the boys outgrown clothes. I'm planning a mega garage sale in May as incentive to clean out the house. I'm planning on using the proceeds for spending money at the NQA Quilt Show in June. Talk about incentive! Clean house AND stash? I'm all over that!
 Piecefully yours, Jenni


Amanda said...

The quilt is looking lovely. I haven't done any log cabin yet and keep thinking I should try it out.

Anonymous said...

Love your log cabin blocks, they are beautiful.
Tell me have you lost 76 pounds?Wow I wish I could get motivated, need to get it rid of 20kg.
Well done

ps. Thank you for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni it's me from Once upon a quilt blog, sorry I have to write to you like this as I can't find your email to reply.
First happy birthday for May 1961 was a good year,vbg.I have made CC quilt if you scroll down my blog there is an image.Take care

Lynn E said...

Your little logs are quite well done. Log cabins have been a long time favorite of mine.