Monday, August 10, 2009


Such a busy summer! I have no pictures to post today. The puppy is 6 months old now and looks completely different than the picture posted last. Since I last posted:
  • My daughter graduated from high school and we had a huge party at the house
  • My other daughter moved out of the dorm and into an apartment and started summer school
  • Hubby and I went to Las Vegas with his sister and her hubby
  • We took the kids whitewater rafting in West Virginia for a weekend
  • Hubby and I celebrated his birthday weekend in Put-in-Bay with some great friends (and missed the ones that didn't make it horribly)
  • Hubby had back surgery (and is recovering nicely - going back to work today)
  • My dear niece got married in Michigan to a fabulous guy. The kids and I went so hubby could recover from surgery and had fun seeing family and cousins and dancing the night away
  • We went to a big family reunion for hubby's side and got to visit with his sister and her hubby, son and DIL.
Hubby goes back to work today, finally. It's actually only been two weeks, which is hard to believe. The first week was rough for him but he's doing well now and can walk pain free. His neurosurgeon is a superstar!

Hubby bought a "scooter". I can't tell how it differs from a motorcycle, but oh well. He can't tell my serger from my other machine, lol. I'm not letting him ride until he gets the okay from his doctor. He can't play golf for a few months so I hope he can ride before winter.

The boys are playing football, therefore so am I! As a team mom I am helping feed the high school boys almost daily during two a days. So far injuries to the team have been minimal. We had a huge group of football players and friends here Saturday for "the fight" on HBO. I would further show my ignorance if I tried to explain what the fight(s) are called or are about but I really enjoyed having the kids here and keep realizing that I'll only have them for a little bit longer.

My baby girl goes to college in 10 days. MY college, the one I hold dear sweet memories of. Where I met her daddy. Where her grandpa and her uncles went. I'm so excited for her to begin this phase of her life but I miss her already.

I'm gonna cry.

Craftwise the only swap I've done is a "44 cent" swap on craftster. We had to fill an envelope with craft supplies and homemade goodies and have it weigh less than an ounce and be PO machine friendly. I hope mine make it. I'm sorry to say that I'm not as overly excited and consumed by swapping as I once was. I'd really like to swap with people that do more fabric and fiber things like quilting and felting I think. Must be time to get over it and move on to other types of swaps or do more projects just for me. I think I'll look for some fabric ATC or some quilty ones.

Off to feed the team. I got my embroidery module for my machine for my birthday and haven't used it much. I won enough money in Vegas to buy a laptop to hook it up to. Yeah! Now when school starts I hope to practice a little more. I'd like to make some early Christmas things.

Off to feed the team. My no-bake cookies didn't come out right this time. I must have been off on the boiling part. Oh well, they'll still eat them. It's so insanely hot that I think I'll take a box of popsicles too.

Here's hoping someone is stitching and I can get up to my sewing area soon to do the same!