Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time is running out!

ATC clock

Here it is already folks. The end of 2008. I did okay on my resolutions I guess. I mainly wanted to keep my weight off which I successfully did until the last two weeks! I have a biiig list of resolutions I'm working on for 2009. Mainly to stay fit, stretch my creativity and get some stuff done. I will post it in January.

Sitting on the edge of your chair just waiting with anticipation now, aren't you?! lol. I wonder if anyone reads this anyway! (I bet my mom and dad do!) Love ya!

Anyways, above is a clock I made last year from a cd and hair clips. The atc's were also tags for a 12 days of Christmas swap I did. I need to make another of those clocks! It's based on one made by my good friend rackycoo. I'd love to make one for myself and my girls both want one.

I finished some hand applique on my quilt for dearfii and our flickr swap. It is almost ready to go but I feel guilty that I didn't get it mailed in December. It will go out Friday though.
Friday is the open house of the new Studio 202 for Susan N and Susan S. They are moving locations and I can't wait to see it. What a dream, to have your own studio to work in daily!! Very cool.
I'm off to try to find the rick rack I misplaced and to try to clean around 5 sleeping teenagers that are crashed in my living room. Tonight we go to dinner with our friends and come back home to ring in the new year. My kids are all doing something elses. Em is celebrating her boyfriend's birthday (tomorrow, happy bday Mike!), Jill and Jake are hanging out with their boyfriend and girlfriend and Mac, poor guy, is babysitting for 10 kids. Oh well, he's 12 and doesn't know better! The parents will all be next door so it SHOULD be okay. Probably his first and last babysitting job and not worth the fifty bucks!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Be Merry!

So, since I get a bit nostalgic at Christmas time, here is the Christmas card photo of my kids from December 1999.

And here is this year's photo, nine years later.
I know it's a bit of a cliche' but SERIOUSLY, where did the time go?  When did I get old enough to be their mother!  Why did they have to quit humoring me that they believe in Santa?!!

On the quilty front, I made one small one as a gift that I forgot to take a picture of and have sent it the recipient.  I've started on a cute mini for my flickr partner, dearfii.  The theme is favorite things.  I've also VOWED that 2009 is the year of UFO finishing and destashing.  (Nevermind that I was shopping online for some cute new fabric I saw on another blog.  I closed it before I actually bought it).

I'm off to make some Christmas goodies.  I spent the day yesterday looking at recipes for Christmas eve and Christmas day and grocery shopping.  Apparently everyone else in town had the same bright idea. It took 3 1/2 hours to get everything and get it home.  That was AFTER I cleaned up the 12 pack of Diet Pepsi that exploded in the back of my car from the cold.  It was a mess, all over the windows, the ceiling, the carpet.  I got it up as best as I could.  I cried.  I think it is the holiday blues.  My best friend's dad had to go to the emergency room yesterday and it doesn't look too good for him right now.  That made me miss MY mom and dad, six hours away, even more.

Life is precious people!  Enjoy it to the fullest!  

Wishing you peace (and time to piece),

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Once again I am way past due to update.

We had the best Thanksgiving EVER!  My kids got to see all of their aunts and uncles and first cousins and grandparents on both sides of the family.  We live in Ohio with one Grandma and aunt.  The rest of our family lives in Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, DC.  On thanksgiving day we had hubby's side of the family, plus our "adopted" friends that are like family at our house.  16 people for dinner and I loved every minute.  My kids were troopers and cleaned like fiends to help me get ready.  (Wish it still was clean but you can't have everything!).

Here's a pic of the family at my house.

The day after thanksgiving we packed all 6 of us in the car and drove to South Bend, Indiana to see my parents and brothers and their families.  It was WONDERFUL.  If, by any chance, anyone is reading this we love you all!!  Here's a pic of some of the cousins in a group hug

And one of me and one of my brothers.  I love it because it makes me look more "petite" if possible.  I'm 5'11" so I rarely look like anything but a giantess unless I'm with my family!

I really have been sewing.  This is something I made my SIL a few years ago that she had displayed at her house.  I found the pattern and enough fabric to make myself one when I cleaned my sewing room.  I need to get on that!
Chunky houses for craftster swap.  First up is the gnome one I made for knickertwist.
The back:
The front:
Here is the one I made for amaryllisroze.
This is actually the back:
The front:
The back of alteredmommy's house:
Bad scan of the front with a "five" for her "new" age:
The back of the little Christmas house I made of IllusionsOfNormal
ho ho ho!:
The front:
Sew, I have been sewing some but now it's time to get the holiday cards out, do laundry and get the decorating finished.  Oh yes, and wrap presents before the kids start peeking in the bags.  Maybe I should finally finish the stocking I started when I was pregnant with my youngest.  He's 12!

My wonderful hubby has already spoiled me by getting me an early present, a blackberry curve!  Probably got tired of all my "Craaaaackberry" comments when he is on his.  At least now I can check my email when the kids are home.  They have a knack for hogging both computers.

Peace and joy to all!  Jenni