Thursday, February 26, 2009

Immaculate heart quilt closer

Amaryllisroze wanted a sacred heart quilt in the craftster IYP swap we were doing. The only twist, she wanted it in the immaculate heart style, with a knife through it. I enjoyed the challenge and had lots of fun coming up with this version. I made the heart separately with lots of trims and stitchings couched to it, then finished the edge so it could have stood by itself. Then I made button hole type openings for the knife, which was sewn to heavy peltex stuff. A few roses, some embellishments and there you have it! I had wanted to make a fun border with crazy quilting or charms in it but ran out of time. The background was reverse appliqued but I did a crummy job so I ended up zig zagging it. Everything was from my rather extensive stash, too.

A close up version of the flames
Closeup of flames and heart

And of the handle:
Knife handle closeup
And a picture of the great triptych she sent to me:
Clown triptych from amaryllisroze

Isn't it great?! It matches my living room well. I love the little paper doll clowns on strings.

On the diet front, I had a lot of "fun" between Christmas and February. So much that it added up to gaining 15 pounds since Thanksgiving! I decided to join Weight Watchers with a friend. We go to meetings on Thursday nights so today is weigh in day. As of last week I had lost 7 of my 15 fun pounds and am hoping I had a good week this week, too. I'm still trying to follow the basic principles I learned in South Beach, mainly eat lots of whole grains, fiber, lean protein and fruit. I'm trying to avoid sugar, the devil's food, because it usually sets me off and makes me want to eat more of it. I need the portion control and points counting of Weight Watchers PLUS I like that you can allow yourself some of the good stuff once in a while, as long as you account for it.

Being a grown-up and accountability. Bleh. I need to get my big butt moving, too. Happy and I have been trying to walk more. It will be easier when it stays warmer. Here she is sporting the same "Hey I just wanna lay here" attitude that I have!

Happy Go Lucky

I'm off to make some more chunky houses and get my hair cut today.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chunky House Love

Oops, I originally posted the chunky houses I made for the first chunky swap but realize now I did that earlier so I've taken them off. Sorry!
See below for the houses from the last chunky house swap on I am currently working on the houses for the next swap, which are due to go out Saturday (yikes!).
Anyway, I did two mini quilts for the 6-12" mini quilt swap on flickr. The first hasn't been received yet by dearfii in Australia (it takes forever for the mail to get there!). They've had all those terrible fires there, I hope it survived! Here is a sneak peek (DON'T LOOK fii!)

And a gees bend inspired quilt for cecysg, which she HAS received.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the wonderful triptych I received from amaryllisroze and the quilty (which I hope she gets by then) I sent her.

Off to work on more chunky houses!


Monday, February 23, 2009

So January is gone and most of February with out a blog post!  I so stink at this but really would like to get better!!

Let's see, since the New Year youngest DS has been in several basketball tournaments with his 6th grade team.  His last one is this weekend.  He also tried out for the school play "Willy Wonka" and will play the part of Charlie's dad.  I'm not familiar with the part but I'm sure it will be great!  I'm going to the parent meeting in a few minutes to try to get on the costume committee.  Who wouldn't want to outfit Willy and the Oompa Loompas?!!

Older DS has been working out for football (yes, ALREADY).  They had a powerlift competition last Saturday and he got fifth place (and there were more than five in the class!).  He also sang a beautiful solo (Yes I'm biased) in the solo and ensemble competition and received a ""1" which is a "superior" rating for a class A (most difficult) solo.  I'm proud, he seems to care less.  Typical almost 16 year old, right?

Younger DD has finished swimming, got accepted to Bowling Green and their school of Business and received a partial scholarship as well!  Very proud of her, sad she's graduating soon.  Seems impossible in a lot of ways.  We are starting to look for prom dresses and planning her graduation party.

Older DD is back at college and working hard.  She was home this past weekend for some R & R and family time.  I suspect part of the homesickness was also related to no clean laundry!  Both girls had pneumonia the week before Valentine's day so I'm very glad they are feeling better!

I'm off to the play meeting but will be back soon to post some quilt and chunky house pictures!

Piece out, Jenni