Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chunky Houses two

Here are the fronts of the little quilted chunky houses I made for my partners on Craftster for the chunky house swap.
chunky houses for craftster swap
And here are the backs of them.
chunky house backs for craftster swap
I used different techniques on each house. The green on the left was pinwoven on the front and then stitched. The black and white was kind of a mismash of things to get the ying yang affect I wanted. The little hut had a roof woven of ripped fabric strips, that was fun. The one on the right was pieced and then I loved the idea of the backyard tree with a swing. It was made on a very cloudy blah day when I was yearning for spring weather.
(Yes, I really wrote "yearning"!)
I received some lovely houses as well. The swap gallery is well worth a peek if you have some MORE time to waste.
I'm also posting a pic here of the quilt I made for a flickr swap. It had to go to Australia and I'm really not sure if it made it through the fires or if the mail REALLY takes 6 weeks!! Crazy! The theme was favorite things and my partners favorites were red, yellow, ricrac, birds, flowers and trees. (If I remember correctly). I'm not happy with the quality of my handquilting but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I love love love stitching!
I hope it makes it to its new home soon!
In other news, I keep looking at the picture below (it's our background on the computer and on my cell phone). I've fallen in love with that ootsy cootsy widdle face. (Puppy's bring out the baby talk, sorry). We have a list of names on the fridge. My son still likes "Cricket" even with major opposition on most fronts. I like "Gus" and "Rudy". Time will tell. We will visit the little bugger again when oldest DD is home on Spring Break. We can't take him from his mama until the 4th or 5th of April. In the meantime I have learned that his black and tan coloring is called "phantom" coloring and am slowly bringing in supplies we need for him. (And many we don't!). We still need a crate and maybe a playpen type pen to keep our things safe from him and him safe from Happy until we know if she will accept him. I'm still convinced he will be "her" baby and she'll love the company. Dream on Pollyanna!
SPRING is coming! I saw a Robin last Thursday. It was the morning of the funeral service for one of my best friends' dad. He would have loved any extra celebration of his life and would have appreciated the Robin showing up at that moment. I know I did. RIP Ed!
Off to work on projects of the non sewing variety, unfortunately.
Peace and piece! Jenni

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New addition

We will be adding a new member to our family in April!  Today Mac (youngest DS) and I went to Croton, about an hour away, and put a deposit on a cockapoo.  They were only 3 weeks old and the momma was the sweetest most gentle thing!  She didn't mind us handling her babies at all and was very lovable herself.  Mac, in true Mac fashion, fell in love with the first little critter she put in his arms!  It was hard to choose but that it "his" new puppy, and he is naming him "Cricket".  He can't leave his mommy until he's 7 weeks old which will give us time to get things ready and get a crate, food, dishes, etc.  We also need to study up on introducing a puppy to an older dog.  Happy may not be so happy when she has competition for our affection!  Mainly my affection I think.  Anyway, we researched that cockers and poodles are not really territorial and don't get "little dog" syndrome where they try to be the leader or the boss.    I think Happy will be fine.  DH thinks we just put a deposit on a very expensive "Happy snack".  He said the same thing about the kitty last year at this time, that she would be a snack but they very peacefully coexist giving me hope that puppy and Happy will do the same.  I personally think she will love having something to baby.  I hope I'm right!  Anyone with any tips, they're welcome!