Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Fun

Above WOULD BE  a shot of the boys in the pool at Put in Bay  but the picture won't post!  We went with 9 couples to celebrate DH's 50th birthday.  Such fun!  We had a great time.  It's still hard to get back to the real world.

Two a days start Thursday for DS1's football.  DS2 is at summer camp this week.  DD2 and I went to look at my alma mater last Thursday.  Sniff, I can't believe she is a senior this year!  DD1 is busy working at her internship at the health clinic.  We jokingly call it her "big girl job".  It has been a wonderful experience and she is very motivated to go back to school in the fall.

We are spending a few lazy summer days before we gear up for back to school shopping, etc.  My youngest DS has outgrown everything.  Much bribery will take place next week to get him to try on clothes and shop for new.  I don't think we have too much that still fits other than ratty t-shirts and gym shorts.  His outfits of choice, I'm sure.  We will have to shop for football cleats this weekend as his practices start on Monday.

As far as quilting and sewing go?  I'm dreaming of it, but not much else.  My sewing area is on the third floor of our old house.  My DD1 has her bedroom there.  Everything she brought home from college is spread EVERYWHERE.  I moved my machine to the kitchen to do some mending but haven't had a chance to do any quilty projects.  I plan to practice with my BSR foot this afternoon so I can start quilting the star quilt.  To pin baste I usually tape the backing to the carpet, spread the batting out and then the quilt on top.  My vaccuum burned up last Friday and is at the repair shop.  It's an Oreck and I love it.  One black lab and one calico cat equal too much hair to lay out a quilt without vaccuuming daily.  Hopefully it will be ready for pick up today.

I'm off to the store to buy mass amounts of pasta salad ingredients.  I agreed to make pasta salad for 100 hungry players and coaches for the first two-a-day meal on Thursday.

What was I thinking?!!

Piece all.  Hope you're being quilty.  I do SEW miss it!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Boring, that's me.  To me Boring = No sewing.  I've been doing things like taking the laundry to the laundromat because the washer can't be repaired until Monday and cleaning my MIL's carpets.  I did manage to see some movies with the kids this week.  Youngest DS and I saw the new Indiana Jones movie and Older DS and oldest DD and I saw "Wanted".  Both enjoyable.

DD2's friend brought over a dress for me to alter for her little sister who is a flower girl in a wedding.  Sigh, couldn't say no.  I'll be sewing up the sides tonight and then both girls are inviting friends over to have a late "chick flick" movie night with me.  We are watching 27 Dresses and 2 others I have already forgotten the names of.  I haven't had a chance to start quilting the star quilt yet.  I did show it to DD's friend because I can't keep a secret.  She is very excited.  I need to get it done before her next hospital stay which, sadly, could be soon.  Busy weekend with a sewing class at my Bernina dealer's and another fundraiser for DS1's football team.  Who knew football was a year round sport and if the KID plays, the MOM does, too?  Seems like it anyway.  The mom's had a meeting this week to plan how we will feed the boys for 2 a days in August.  Football is a grueling effort, for sure.  I admire the commitment these guys have to it.  DS2 will start playing his last year of biddy league football in August.  Next year he'll move to jr. high.  This will be his 5th season.  It's amazing what happens to incredibly kind, sweet boys when they get football pads and helmets on and the testosterone starts flowing.  It still takes some getting used to for me!

DD1 and I went shopping for "business casual" clothes today. Her current wardrobe is "college casual".  Lol.  She starts working full time at the local health clinic on Monday.  She will work 40 hours a week until school resumes in the fall and will also work on her breaks from college.  She wants to be a physician's assistant so this should be good training and give her some idea of what the job requires.

Here are the dotee dolls I received in the Craftster swap.
Love them!  It was a fun swap.

Time to sew the flower girl's dress before it's time for "Chick Flick Night".  DD2 doesn't get home from her lifeguarding job until 9 p.m. anyway.

Happy stitching!  Hope someone is making something wonderful out there.  I hope to, SOON!