Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The little purse that won't be . . .

Sniff. I stayed up late into the night last Thursday to make a purse for kittykill, my bird swap partner on Craftster . Okay, so late for me is past midnight people. I'm getting old. Anyway, I've been playing with a technique where you take leaves and petals from artificial flowers, arrange them on a muslin/batting/muslin sandwich , cover them with netting and quilt them down. I used the technique for my Fabric ATC's here

(The backs look like this)

I also used it for my Craftster Chunky Page Swap that I sent to Original Youth

I thought it would make a cute purse so I had fun with the fabric, machine appliqued a little birdie on it and started to finish the purse when I noticed the netting was torn in spots and melted in others.  

Bah! I was tired at that point and decided to scrap the whole thing. I might try to stitch something over it and give it to one of my girls or use it myself. I did make another purse yesterday that turned out great to replace it. Pics of that to come since kittykill won't receive her package until next week and if she reads this won't be surprised anyway!!

On another note, for those of you that don't know me (ha ha, like all of you most likely) I have lost 75+ pounds since January 1, 2007 by following the South Beach Diet. In the past couple months I've put on 6 pounds. I actually feel as if I were as fat as I was when I started! All you amatuer anaylsts can have some fun with that one. Anyway, this week is THE week I'm starting to kick up the exercise. I've successfully changed the eating habits, I'm just eating too much of the right stuff and not moving enough. My goal is to do 45 - 60 minutes of walking or exercise per day and up my water intake. I love Leslie Sansone's walking videos. Time to pop on in now.

IDOL tonight! I'm going to start my Orange Crush quilt while I watch as a reward for all the walking I'm about to do.

Geez, this blogging thing is exhausting!! I hope I get the hang of it soon.


Phyl said...

Hey....i just saw ur post on quiltville and wanna make sure you know about our Ohio off shoot. Please come and join us!


I love that lil pink bag...and it can come live at my house any time. I am on craftster, too...and make bags.

Colorfuldayz said...

Love the pink bag!! Cut it up and use it for more ATCs!

Welcome to blog land. I have been doing it since Nov and am still amazed at how time consuming it is. I will be a loyal reader of your's.