Sunday, June 1, 2008

I got a GNOME!

Here is my handsome new gnome.  He's actually pretty goofy looking but I've always wanted one and he was 40% off at Cracker Barrel this morning.  I'm sure the kids will be starting to worry.  

It's been quite busy since I last posted.  Hubby and I went to Key West and had a great time.  It's beautiful, warm and fun.  I would definitely go again even though I've never seen so many surly bartenders in my life.  We had a couple good ones but many, one jerk at Schooner's Wharf in particular, were surly.   The food was fabulous and we have lots of great pics and memories.

Youngest DS played in the Gus Macker this weekend. He and his team wore the shirts I stencilled using freezer paper, acrylic paint and textile medium. They didn't win anything but they played well and I'm proud of them! Older DS decided not to play this year. He's giving up basketball all together after a lousy freshman experience. Just when he's growing, too! He's probably close to 6'3" and still going. Oh well, he's committed to football at the moment.

GUS MACKER TEAM:  Mac and Cheese (Mac is mine, on the left)
The other team members were the "cheese".  We had Cheddar, Stinky and Colby.  They had fun coming up with their names!  I made cheese "holes" in the numbers when I stencilled them.  It amused me at least!!

No quilting to report.  I need to get the next clue started for the Orange Crush mystery and work on the star quilt but I have been so busy with end of school activities and I came home with a head cold with a wicked headache from Key West that is just now letting up.  Hopefully I can get the machine set up and work a little tonight.  

I signed up to do the Dotee Doll swap on Craftster.  I've always wanted to make some of these.  Should be a fun one!!

I worked in the yard this afternoon.  I was afraid the neighbors were going to start calling the city.  If anyone has a good way to get rid of poison ivy plants, please let me know. I found several batches.  I sprayed with a very concentrated batch of Round Up but am afraid of that stuff.  I probably killed everything around it, unfortunately.  I feel like sneaking over in the neighbors yard tonight to spray it on their side of the fence.  Anyone ever been arrested for illegal use of pesticides?!!  I hope I stayed far enough away from those evil leaves of three.

 Anyway, tomorrow I put in some very late flowers so my yard and patio will look nice again.  Besides, I need to dress it up now for my gnome.  Maybe I should have a gnome naming contest . . . .

Piece!  Jenni


Amanda said...

Great gnome. Many years ago when our sons were small - they're 24 and 26 now - we were on holiday in Devon and found a place called Gnome World. The owner had turned his woodland garden over to gnomes. It was great fun and some of the lables were very funny. Have fun gardening - There's Gnome Place like Home.

Candace said...

I have 2 gnomes on my back porch, one about 10" high and a little one in a flower pot. I call them both John, Big John and Little John, after my FIL who loved to work in his garden, and was a little eccentric, but a good person. Glad you got yours. Your tshirts look great.

Tracy said...

Those shirts are SO cute! I am sure they loved the holes. They look like the kind of shirt a young boy wears until it falls off of him:)

The Gnome is cute too!

Colorfuldayz said...

I love the Mac and Cheese ... truly inspired!! Glad you guys had a great time in Key West ... so many people are negative about it, but my parents had a great time there in December. Quit playing with your gnome and get making dottee dolls ... since I didn't sign up I will be participating vicariously through you LOL!