Monday, June 16, 2008


Been slacking at the blogger front!  We took everyone to Cedar Point over the weekend.  The kids talked me into riding the Dragster and the Millenium Force.  I lived to tell about it and my neck isn't killing me so all is good.  It was a lot of fun, actually.

Football conditioning is in full force for DS1 so the "Mother's Club" has already been busy.  I had to cook 22 lbs of hamburger up into taco meat for a concession stand fundraiser we were doing.  I don't think I can ever eat a taco again.  My kitchen smelled AWFUL!!  The fundraiser didn't do as well as hoped, either so we are looking towards the next one as a money maker for the club.  We try to raise money to pay for the food we feed the boys during 2-a-days in August and for end of season gifts.  DS2 went to football camp last week and is at basketball camp this week.  He turned 12 last Friday!!  Hard to believe my baby is that old.

DD1 is home from college and officially a sophomore.  She is catching up with friends before starting her job in a couple weeks.  DD2 has been working as a lifeguard.  Her friend is back in Children's hospital and we are hoping for good news and better health.  I did get the top pieced for her quilt.

Hmm. It kind of wrinkled when I folded it.  The pattern for this quilt is "Lucky Stars" by Atkinson Designs.  The instructions are fabulous and she has you make the stars larger than you need and cut them down to the right size so everything lines up really well. I would definitely recommend the pattern and may try it again with some of my stash.  I bought the backing to match her bedroom.  It's the lighter blue fabric.  The dark blue will be the binding.

I'm planning on quilting it next week.  I am headed to the NQA quilt show with my friend Sandy on Wednesday.  We are going to stay there for a couple nights and take a class called "5 easy pieces" on Thursday.  I'm so excited!  Sandy is the one that got me started with quilting in the first place.  She moved about 45 minutes away and is working full time so I don't get to see her as often anymore.  I'm off to run kids and work on my Dotee Dolls for the Craftster swap.  The last step of the Orange Crush is going to have to wait until the Lucky Stars quilt is quilted.

Piece everyone!  Jenni


Laura said...

I haven't been to Cedar Point in years. Sounds like fun! We are also doing football daily on top of baseball 6 days a week. It keeps us hoppin!

Candace said...

Sounds like you stay very busy, but in a good way. I love the 'Lucky Stars' pattern, it is one of the few patterns that I have purchased, and plan to make it one of these days. Yours is gorgeous.