Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 25th to the Hubby and Me!!!

Wow.  25 years.  Where did the time go?  Four great kids, a dog, a cat and a huge house later we've had a great life.  I'm a happy, very lucky girl.  Happy Anniversary baby!!

Quilt Show Goodies

Here are some great wool roving and wool fibers (looks like yarn scraps, lol) from Della Jane. (OOPS-Pics didn't show up.  Gah!)  I can't wait to use them with my felting attachment for my Bernina.  Maybe a purse or a sweater this fall/winter?  For now I'm just taking them out of the bag and admiring them.  This booth had a little kit to dye fibers, too.  It was mainly a pack of koolaid and some plain wool.  I was excited to see it as this is what I intend to do with the wool roving I bought from ebay recently.

More goodies:

Thread and batting for star quilt (from earlier posts).  The one on the right is for the back.  I can't wait to see how they look!

Batik's were calling to me at the show.  I've been wanting to play with jelly rolls and also try some bargello style quilting.  I drooled over the green one and bought it.  The girls at the booth at laughed at me when I went back first thing the next morning to get the pink one, too!  I kept thinking about how badly I wanted it.  Now if only I'd gotten the gold set . . .

The same booth had the lovely "Bali pops" set.  This is the one I'm going to try to do a bargello with, just to play.  They're so beautiful!

The last pic is of the squares, already cut, for the 5 easy pieces 

Mmmm.  Better than ice cream!
Other purchases:
Four new feet for my Bernina.  Probably the priciest big buy but I knew the girls from the shop where I bought my machine, Beth's Creative, would be at the show and feet were 20% off.  Carol, my saleswoman, even went to the shop early in the morning to bring the feet I wanted to the show.  There was one that they were out of that I wanted and she is going to hold it for me when it comes in and give me the discount. What a sweetie! Can't wait to play with these!

Eleanor Burns was there and signed this Christmas book I bought.  It's a little outdated but with the right fabrics the projects I liked should look great.  They also had a patten and easy piecing method for a Jacob's Ladder in the book, a quilt I want to make for DS1.  I also bought one of those rotating Olfa mats, a cool Olfa tool that cuts perfect circles, a great turtle button and a paperpiecing pattern of a star.  It looks complicated but lovely.  Unfortunately, it's taking pics FOREVER to load today and I have to pick up DS1 from summer gym and meet hubby for an anniversary lunch.

Will there be Dotee's?  There have to be!  Three are done, two to go.  Hope to post the little group for you soon.

Piece!  Thanks for stopping by!  Jenni


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the two of you.
We are having our 29th this year,yes were are the years.
Love reading about your purchases,out of interest what do the Bernina feet cost in the states?


Candace said...

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. I enjoyed seeing your purchases, looks like you had a good time, and lots to remember it by.

Colorfuldayz said...

Congratulations on the anniversary!! That is a great picture. And congrats on your haul at the quilt show ... love those batiks!

alice said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! Click on this link to see wool roving . Have you dyed the wool using your Kool Aid kit yet? alice (who is not a blonde anymore - I'm a redhead!)