Thursday, June 26, 2008

More loot from the NQA show

I finally got the picture loading to work today on blogger. I thought I would post some more pics of my goodies from the NQA show last week in Columbus, Ohio.
The first pic is of the four feet I bought for my new Bernina 440. I think, sadly, her name might be Sewphie. Pathetic, I know. My son recently informed me that I am becoming the person I used to make fun of.   I think he's right!   Anyway, Sewphie's new feet:

The number 2 foot is an overlock foot that we tried out in class. It will be great to finish seams. The number 10 is an edgestitch foot that can be used with all needle positions.  I think it will be great for topstitching AND for stitching in the ditch on smaller quilty pieces that don't need the walking foot.
The number 57 is 1/4" piecing foot that has a little edge on the side.  I didn't like the foot similar to this that I had for my Viking but this one is heftier and I am finding that the Bernina feet actually do what they say they do!  
Number 43, the last foot is a freemotion couching foot.  It feeds the fiber, narrow ribbon or the "couchee" while you stitch it with the feed dogs dropped.  I think this will be fun on some artsy quilts.  When I get to them of course.  Foot 23 is on order for me by my fabulous sales folks at Beth's Creative Stitchery in Columbus. 

My next "had to have" is a circle cutter that was being demonstrated by the Olfa guy at his booth.  It works like a compass.  You basically decide what size circle you want and then cut it out of fabric with this spiffy tool.  He even threw in the extra blades for free and showed us how to practice before we start cutting.  
Below are my spiffy fibers that didn't show up in my last post.   Aren't they pretty?  Wool roving in the big bags and wool yarns wrapped on card below them.
The paper piecing pattern that will probably make me crazy but looks like it will be beautiful.  I loved the sample they had.  It looked like they used small scale repro prints in it.   Anyway, it won't be real large and all the foundations are INCLUDED.  Oh yeah.
Last but not least is this button.  Sandy was buying buttons and fun things at an antique button/trim booth.  I saw it, grabbed it and paid for it in less than a minute!  I love him.  He's pretty big and will someday be on a jacket, I think.  For me, turtles are the new rooster, but you have to see my kitchen to understand the rooster thing.  I have tooooooo many.
So, there we go.  Lots of projects to keep me busy for quite some time.  I haven't even THOUGHT about all the unstarted/untouched projects already sitting in my messy sewing stuff.  Time for a reality check.  That can wait until I get back from vacation though.

I need to go find a good hand project for the car and the beach.  I think I'll pull out a wool penny rug and the Baltimore style block of the month I bought from my LQS before it closed.  It needs attention.

One more dotee doll to make and then they go to their new homes tomorrow.  The link to the one I received already is here.  First I need to put away all my laundry.  I went to the laundromat today with 15 loads of towels, clothes and bedding so I could get it done all at once.  
Tonight I make one more dotee as a reward to myself.

Piece!  Jenni

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Candace said...

What a lot of neat purchases. We gotta have our stuff, and I'm sure you'll enloy them all. The Dotee doll is beautiful.