Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I've been busy working on the star quilt for my DD2's friend and packing for our trip down south. DH and I are going on a second honeymoon to Key West!  Should be great.  Sadly DD's friend is now in the hospital and having surgery tomorrow.  They still aren't sure what is wrong with her but I'm praying that they find something soon that they can treat.  DD and I drove up to see her two nights ago.  She is an amazing, lovely person with such a strong will and a big heart.  She sent me flowers today from her hospital room for my birthday.  I pray that everything goes well for her and she starts to improve soon.

Above is a sacred heart postcard (sideways, sorry) that I sent to a swap partner on Craftster.  It was my first postcard and still my favorite.  I'm hoping to get involved in some groups that swap fiber postcards soon.

Piece everyone!  I'll be back in blogworld next week.  Jenni


Candace said...

I hope that you and your husband have a nice time.
I also hope that your DD's friend is diagnosed and treated soon. She sounds like a lovely person.
I haven't ever made a postcard, but I think that yours is very pretty. I'm a little tempted, but I have enough right now to get my quilts done that I want to have finished by Christmas.

Amanda said...

Have a lovely time on your holiday. My husband and I never really had a first honeymoon, but took a sort-of second honeymoon (with our two sons, so it doesn't really count) to Gran Canaria about eight years ago.

Pretty postcard. I don't think I've got the patience to work on something that small.

Amanda said...

sorry, forgot to say Happy Birthday.

amy said...

your postcard is amazing! so beautiful! i'm so in awe of the sacred heart quilt pieces you've made - stifflersmom has one and i'm incredibly jealous!