Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Still Stitchin'

I've slowly but surely been working away at step two of the Orange Crush Quilt. Hoping to finish sewing on the big triangles and start Step 3 tonight.
I took my MIL today to buy her Mother's Day flowers. We found a beautiful big planter of petunia's and verbana that she loves. I also planted some other flowers that she bought and some tomato plants for her. Hopefully all danger of frost has passed!
I ordered the quilt kit pictured below from ebay on Monday. It will be for my dd's friend (pictured in the red dress below). She may be hospitalized soon. As my mother's day treat to myself I am sewing ALL DAY on Friday, Saturday (when DH, DD1 and DS1 are biking), and hopefully Sunday, too. I'd really like to get it done for her ASAP. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew!! The pattern is called "Lucky Stars" by Atkinson Designs and the fabrics are Moda Botanicals. I just need to find a fun backing, although I could just hunt through my stash and piece one for her!! I may add a pieced heart and a big "A" which is the first letter of her name on the back. Time will tell!

Stay tuned. Idol tonight. Who will go home? I'm hoping Jason. Sorry Jason, can't stand the dreads. I must be too old.

More soon. Same Bat time, same Bat channel! Jenni


Candace said...

I'm still plugging away on OC step 2 also, but it sounds like you are ahead of me. I hope you are enjoying your new machine. The colors of your fabric are so cheerful, and I love that pattern. I haven't bought too many patterns, but I bought that one. Have a nice Friday treat day, and I'll be hoping for the best for your daughter's friend.

Rhonda said...

Those fabrics are delicious! Congrats on the new machine!

Amanda said...

I do like the pattern - stars are so attractive aren't they? Beautiful, cheerful fabrics - the quilt is going to look so happy. Have a super few days stitching.

Lynn said...

I made this for my DD#2 and used bright batiks. It was my first large quilt and it was pretty easy. Turned out nicely. I love your fabrics.