Monday, May 12, 2008

What I've been up to lately . . .

Starting on Friday I sewed, sewed, sewed!  I am really loving my new Bernina

On Friday I finished my OC steps 2 and 3.  On Saturday I went to the shop where I bought my Bernina for a class to learn how to use my needle punch attachment.  I am really looking forward to playing with that some more!!  It is great for felting roving, yarn and wool fibers together.  I see some fun artsy creations in my future!

I worked Saturday evening, Sunday and this morning on Step 4 of the OC quilt and pleased to say I am DONE!  All caught up and ready to go.  I changed my original yardage choices though. The colors I originally planned were very bright, with a limey green, a bright pink and a very bright neon blue.  I decided they really clashed with the scraps I had chosen so I dug into the stash and decided to make a "blueberry crush".  The star colors I used, green and deep rose/burgandy blend with the scraps well.  Hopefully there is enough contrast.  My rose color is actually three fabrics.
Step 2

Step 3
Step 4 with all three fabrics (plus one to make it look good) 

I also took a picture of all the blocks (steps) waiting in their box with my other yardage.  We are readly for step 5!
I still haven't received my quilt kit I bought on ebay.  Even though I was notified on the 8th that it was shipped the post office tracking site says it shipped today.  I think I will try to get some spring cleaning done around the house before it gets here so I can have a few more crazy sewing days.

School days are coming to an end for the school year.  My youngest DS has "Field Day" tomorrow.  I will help the 4th and 5th graders with their events.  He will go to the middle school next year so it is my last elementary volunteering experience.  Kind of makes me feel a bit nostalgic!!  We had a meeting tonight for the "Football Mother's Club" for my other DS's high school team.  He will be a sophomore next year.  It takes a lot of behind the scenes work for these teams to do what they do, not to mention the tremendous commitment the players make.  I thought we'd have a summer break but they start June 2nd.  Football season here we come!

Enjoy your piecing everyone.  Summer's coming!  Jenni


Candace said...

Boy, you were a sewing dynamo. It is extra fun sewing, when you have a well running machine. Your blocks turned out great and I hope your kit comes quickly, I know you've been looking forward to it.
Those kids do grow up, don't they? All you can do is enjoy each phase and stage, and cherish the memories

Anonymous said...

well done jenni, I too have finished all 4 steps and feel quiet good about it. Love your colours.


Sue R said...

Wow, you really got those all done fast, and they look great! Way to go!