Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chunky page and Thanksgiving

Seamstress chunky page , originally uploaded by gingerquilts.

I thought I would show a pic of the chunky page I made for crafty_dame in the IYP (invite your partner) swap. I wasn't happy with the arms, wishing I had done something clever for hands but I ran out of time. I love those little boot beads I got at Hobby Lobby.

I cleaned my crafty room! I cleaned my crafty room! We can actually go up on the third floor and not leave with floss, thread and fabric bits clinging to the seat of our pants (or worse). I'm not ashamed now for the kids to take their friends up, either.

Until I start the next project, anyway.

I can't wait until my partners receive their chunky houses I did for craftster. I'm very pleased with the ones I made and can't wait to see what I receive. If you add me as a "friend" on flickr you'll be able to see them early.

Feeding my family of 6 PLUS 10 more for thanksgiving. I'm off to pick up all the goodies. The turkey is defrosting in the fridge and I'm anxious to get the pies made. Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!


amy said...

i love the arms! don't stress about them, the button hands are so cute!

i'm so jealous that you cleaned your crafty room! i've tried multiple times, but it never gets completely done, and then the mess takes over again. i swear, one day i'll have a clean studio!

gingerquilts said...

It won't stay that way but it is a huge relief to have it cleaned up. It was very embarrassing before!!