Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vinyl Bird bag looove!

Look what I got from crafty_dame! It's gorgeous and I love it. She also sent me a checkbook cover and some yummy canadian candy. The candy didn't last long with me and my two boys!!

I haven't been too crafty. I am cleaning and organizing my craft goodies and all my ufo's (oops, I didn't realize there were sooo many!). In between dragging it all out and spreading it all over to organize it my cold kicked in. Probably aggravated it with all the dust. Anyway, I've been sick enough to not want to budge or do anything. DH finally succeeded in getting me to go to our local First Care (doc in a box) and I got antibiotics. I had really hoped they would have worked in one day (imatient, I know) but I really couldn't do much but sit on the couch and drink mass quantities of tea and water. I'm sure I'll be perfect tomorrow and ready to conquer the crafties AND thanksgiving. I did make it to the turkey farm yesterday to pick up a 22 pounder. That ought to feed the 16 folks we have coming.

I am in a chunky houses swap on craftster.  I have two sides done, a front and a back but have four total houses to make.  Hopefully I can make a little progress tomorrow after cleaning MY MESS.

Speaking of, I am honored that my Big Mac costume was mentioned in the blog as a notable costume.  I know my little "big mac" loved it!

Off to get more tissues and tea.  I hate being sick.  I've decided not to do it anymore.  If only it were that easy!

Piecefully, Jenni

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amy said...

i'm so glad you like the bag! i was really proud of it, it turned out exactly like i envisioned it.

does the chequebook cover work? i forget if i asked you that or not. chequebooks here all tear from the side, but the US ones seem to mostly tear at the top!