Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm baa-aaack!

Here is my scruffy boy at 7 months old. I love his little fuzzy self. He's been a pretty good dog, all things considered. I need to get his hair cut but I love it scraggly.

I've signed up for two swaps on Craftster to get my crafty mojo agoin' again. The lap quilt swap, where I will send fabric to people they send to me. We all make a 12 1/2 inch block out of the fabric we receive and send it back. I'm heading to the cutting table to get it all fixed up for mailing and will post a pic of my choices when it's ready.

The other swap, which I'm incredibly excited about, is a Christmas stocking swap. I'm paired with the amazing kittykill, who I adore. I swapped with her in the bird swap and loved it. I have a huge list of things I want to make for her. The stocking will be for her DH and it is already designed in my head. I can't wait to get started. I need some projects to take to all these football practices and games.

Speaking of football, OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN! My oldest son's high school varsity team is 4-0. FOUR AND O. They played a killer game last night and the score was

At one point the score was 6-7 and it wasn't looking too good for our team. Then we had an incredible push to the endzone and our tough defense held off a touchdown by the other team. My ol' ticker can't take much more of this! This is one of the best starts by our school's teams in many years. So much fun to be a part of it and feed the boys afterwards. I love 'em all and am called "mom" by many. Cheesy I know, and I love it.
My big guy is #78

My other guy't team is 1-1. He is number 77 on the left of your screen
He plays both offense and defense and rarely gets a break in the game. He loves every minute, except when we lose like the last game. Their first game was awesome, and they won a tough battle in the last minutes.
So proud of both my football players!

The girls are both in college. Oldest dd is home for the weekend. She met us at her brother's game last night and we are going shopping soon. Younger dd is three hours away! ug, I miss the little darling. Her daddy is on his way there today. He decided to design his own "Dad's Weekend" since Miami doesn't have one like OU does. I made pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies for her and her roomies.

Off I go to put together lap quilt packages and make Christmas surprises! The first set of goodies will be crocheted. Shhh, no more hints though!

Peaceful piecing,

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