Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alive and Kickin'!

Here's a picture of the tree that fell across my stree a few weeks ago during the windstorms we had after the big hurricanes.  It took out a power pole and left us without power and cable for a few days. We lost some food in the fridge and freezer but were lucky that was all.  Another huge tree fell by the schools my boys attend.

I'm still here, and still living the "football mom" life.  I also have a senior daughter and one in college so there is college prep and college "pep talk" time, too.  Three more weeks of football  games then maybe some "all star" games for youngest DS.

I'm thinking lately that "gingerquilts" wants to be "gingerknits".  I received some "knitpicks" yarn from a swap partner last December with some koolaid packets and some dying instructions.  I really want to learn to knit socks that fit my lovely long (big honkin') feet.  I'm thinking a "dye job" might be in my future!

In crafty notes, I have started two swap projects for my Craftster partners, batgirl and crafty_dame.  I can't show them yet, to avoid spoiling the surprise, but it is good to be inspired and spending time in my crafty space.  I have been loaning my big table to the football quarterback club so I only have a small table to work on right now.  Our last home game is Friday.  Hopefully we will remember to pull it from the shed so I can have a larger space for sewing!

I was bad and bought some yarn from ebay this week.  I want to make some felted purses.  I hope it will even felt!  It's 100% wool so I'm thinking it should.  I've only knit some straight boring scarves before.  The last thing I need is new project materials and tools.   I have enough fabric and ideas for hundreds of sewing projects.  I have several rooms that need to be painted.  My kids need to eat EVERY DAY! lol.

I wanna knit.

I must be nuts!

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